RECORD levels of rainfall PLAGUE the Carolinas region

RECORD levels of rainfall PLAGUE the Carolinas region

"These were waves crashing down". But its progress had slowed to a crawl of 5 miles per hour.

In Wilmington, high winds blew transformers, plunging the city into darkness. And many of those those fatalities occurred not while the storm is passing through but days and even weeks after the storm had already gone.

More than 100 people were rescued and up to 75 more were awaiting rescue on Saturday morning, according to a town official.

"Hurricanes bring out a lot of good in people and also the worst in those few bad actors preying on homeowners whose most prized asset has been damaged", Jon Moore, spokesman for Florida's Department of Financial Services, told the Miami Herald following Hurricane Irma in 2017. "That's why we've been preaching to people that you have to get away from the water".

The centre of the slow-moving storm, downgraded from a Category 1 hurricane after it came ashore Friday afternoon, was almost stalled over SC early Saturday, about 55 kilometres west of Myrtle Beach, moving west-southwest at just 8 km/h and scooping massive amounts of moisture from the sea.

Rescue crews in Onslow County helped evacuate 70 people from a Jacksonville hotel early Friday after the roof collapsed and rain rushed in.

Screaming winds bent trees toward the ground and raindrops flew sideways as Florence's leading edge moved in for an extended stay along the coast.

Federal officials are urging anyone who ignored orders to evacuate from Hurricane Florence to hunker down and stay put until the storm passes.

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, has been lashed by torrential rains and near-hurricane force winds, CBS News correspondent Don Dahler reported.

In New Bern, North Carolina, the storm surge overwhelmed the town of 30,000 which is located at the confluence of the Neuse and Trent rivers.

Water began rising in their home Thursday night, Morales said.

"Surviving this storm will be a test of endurance, teamwork, common sense and patience". Electricity remained out for much of the city, known for its historic mansions, with power lines lying across roads like wet strands of spaghetti.

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Prisoners were affected, too.

Speaking during a visit to Moscow less than an hour after the hurricane made landfall in North Carolina, Perry says "we've done this many times before".

At least six people have died so far as tropical storm Florence continues crawling westward.

Spanish moss waved in the trees as the winds picked up in Wilmington, and floating docks bounced atop swells at Morehead City.

Wilmington was battered by high winds and rising flood water as a pier was smashed by a huge wave.

Parts of southern North Carolina and northeastern SC could see another foot or more of rain over the weekend, according to National Weather Service.

Although the storm is passing north of Myrtle Beach, the concern now is that river water from North Carolina will flow into the area and combine with all the water that is already there. Meteorologist Ryan Maue of estimates Florence could dump about 18 trillion gallons (68 trillion liters) of rain. Florence was downgraded to a Category 1 storm and further downgraded to a tropical storm on Friday evening.

"The cost to SC, if that happens, if the storm continues the way it is going, could be in the billions", Dahler said. Last month, Hurricane Lane set a record by pouring 52.02 in Mountain View, Hawaii, according to The Weather Channel.

Three died in one inland county, Duplin, because of water on roads and flash floods, the sheriff's office said.

"We'll operate without power; we have candles".

Others were at home hoping for the best.

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