Nintendo will erase cloud saves once Switch Online subscription ends

Nintendo will erase cloud saves once Switch Online subscription ends

I should've learned my lesson after the King K. Rool fake-out for Super Smash Bros.

It's no secret by now that Nintendo Switch Online will add a feature that's sorely lacking from the console's basic options with next week's launch. He loves video games and sports, but not sports video games. However, as previously announced, Super Smash Bros. It's not the N64 Classic many of us were hoping for but if you've got a Switch and a desire to play classic games, the new wireless NES controllers are probably worth a look. U Deluxe will be available starting January 11 on Switch. The New Super Luigi U expansion will also be in the package. As it turns out, the NES games included with the subscription can only be played offline for up to seven days before players are required to connect online and check-in with their membership.

Another annoyance will likely come from the fact that Nintendo won't hold onto your cloud saves if your subscription isn't active.

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Nintendo is also introducing NES-style controllers that work wirelessly with the Nintendo Switch and are created to work with all the vintage NES games.

One of the biggest complaints about Nintendo Switch through its first year and a half on the market has been the lack of cloud saves. As of late, that includes the way it shows off the future of its games and consoles.

A host of Final Fantasy games are coming to Switch including Final Fantasy VII, IX, X, XII and Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles and Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition.

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