Meghan Markle birthday well-wishers receive thank you cards from duchess

Meghan Markle birthday well-wishers receive thank you cards from duchess

We personally love that classic ruby lip look, however, we have to admit, we love Meghan's staple nude lip and softly defined eye she's embraced in recent months.

He told People her routine has changed since becoming a royal and there's one type of make-up she's not allowed to wear. "You can argue she has the biggest acting role ahead of her that she ever had in her life".

In an interview with Vogue, published yesterday, Martin reflected on the royal wedding and revealed that Markle, not surprisingly, was a major bridechilla-so much so that she skipped a major part of her pre-wedding checklist: her makeup trial.

In other words, her own father betrayed her trust.

In the same way as the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge modestly go by "Danny Collins" and "Daphne Clark", Harry and Meghan's "code names" are also "changed regularly" to best ensure their protection.

"The beginning of marriages are not that easy, but to have that impetus of your own family being disloyal is awful and embarrassing", the source said.

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So he sent the newlyweds on a guilt trip for their honeymoon, aided by his daughter, Samantha Markle, who in her tweets has compared Meghan to Cruella de Vil and, earlier this week, called her half-sister.a "DUCHASS"?

Meghan Markle's sister has attacked Prince Harry on Twitter. "The Meg I remember was very caring and she cared about everybody-that was important to her".

Ms Grant also lambasted the Duchess of Sussex on Monday saying she should be "humane" to her father.

The 53-year-old former model has been extremely vocal about how she disapproves of the way Meghan has treated their father since she got together with Prince Harry.

Yep, Meghan is not a fan of a red lippie but for a very good reason. "It's easy to grab another T-shirt for your man - but you'll likely steal it for PJs anyway", she said.

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