Multiple fatalities confirmed after shooting incident in Canada

Multiple fatalities confirmed after shooting incident in Canada

Fredericton police are asking residents to avoid the area and stay in their homes.

Toronto, Canada's largest city, has had 241 shooting incidents this year, resulting in 30 deaths, a 30 percent increase in fatalities. Refresh your page to make sure you are seeing the most current information.

In 2014 in another mass shooting in Moncton, New Brunswick, three Royal Canadian Mounted Police officers were killed and two more were wounded.

Police responded to the incident around 7.30 am, and arrested the suspect just over two hours later.

The CBC says people have started to be escorted to safety by police.

Bill Henwood, a funeral director at York Funeral Home, whose business is located inside the cordoned off area on Brookside Drive, said the lockdown occurred before anybody got to work.

"At this time, I would ask New Brunswickers, particularly those in areas identified by police, to keep informed about the situation as it develops and follow the instructions of law enforcement officials working in the area".

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The family believes he was knocking on vehicle windows to check on his ride when he knocked on the suspect's window. According to NBC New York , Szabo had knocked on Jones' auto window, mistaking the vehicle for his Uber ride.

"Doors are locked and everybody's inside", he said.

"With the tempo, it might've been a gunshot", he told CBC.

Later, police confirmed four people had been killed in the incident. 'It was sort of like a pop, pop, pop, pop'.

The town of Fredericton is located about 70 miles from the US border.

Louise Kennedy, 75, who lives with her dog at 237 Brookside Drive, said the shooting began in the building next door at about 7 a.m. AT.

At least four people are reported dead, two of them police officers.

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