Google is making sure you know Fortnite is not on Google Play

Google is making sure you know Fortnite is not on Google Play

Thing is, the company that created it, Epic Games, just announced that it won't be publishing it via Google Play, the market where most users - in the Western hemisphere, anyway - get most of their apps.

The whole release of Fortnite for Android outside of the Google Play eco-system has caused some consternation over security.

Spotted by Reddit users (via 9to5Google), Google is now somewhat acknowledging the fact that Fortnite is not available on Google Play.

Fortnite has grossed more than $180 million so far on iOS devices, where it has been available exclusively since launching March 15 in an invite-only beta that later expanded to all App Store users. Fortnite will be available eventually, you just have to be patient.

Because there are no Android servers yet, this is the only way for Android players to get into a live game now. The game will instead be available from Epic's servers cutting Google out completely. The web Play Store does not have this feature, though.

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Whatever the case is, Google's open-source ideology will cost it $50 million over the course of the year should Epic not bring Fortnite on the Play Store.

If more developers follow Epic's path, then the road to unauthorized and potentially harmful downloads on Android devices will only widen.

Google isn't very happy about this as they seem to put Fortnite's main competitor PUBG at the top of search results when someone searches for the aforementioned game.

Epic Games and Samsung also provided a list of devices that will be compatible with Fortnite Beta.

Thoughts? Let us know what you think in the comments section below and stay tuned.

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