Travis Pastrana Lands 3 Of Evel Knievel's Legendary Jumps

Travis Pastrana Lands 3 Of Evel Knievel's Legendary Jumps

Motorsports icon and modern-day daredevil Travis Pastrana nailed all three of attempts to recreate a trio of Evel Knievel's most iconic jumps in Las Vegas on Sunday night in an event that was broadcast live on History Channel.

On Sunday, Pastrana embodied the spirit of a daredevil that came before him, Evel Knievel, breaking three of his records with three successive jumps in Las Vegas.

Travis Pastrana jumps the fountain at Caesars Palace on a motorcycle Sunday, July 8, 2018, in Las Vegas.

"Man I tell you what, it's been such an honor".

Dressed in a red, white and blue starred firesuit and cape that paid homage to Knievel's trademark outfit, Pastrana began the night by jumping 52 crushed cars, surpassing Knievel's mark of 50 cars. Knievel wiped out on the landing and was hospitalized with multiple broken bones, but Pastrana soared over the fountain and landed well down the landing ramp. "This was definitely the coolest thing I've ever done".

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The stunts, set to air live during "Evel Live" on the History Channel, will be performed by Pastrana on an Indian Scout FTR750.

"The other jumps I was able to keep the bike nice and cool", he explained.

The 34-year-old then beat Knievel's jump over 14 Greyhound buses, which the late stunt icon accomplished in 1975 at Ohio's Kings Island amusement park, by flying over 16 buses. "This is the most iconic jump in stunt lore". The jump may prove even more hard for Pastrana because changes to Caesars Palace means he will have a shorter approach and smaller run-out area.

And, in the end, Pastrana did what any of us would have done if we had just completed a deadly 149-foot jump over a water fountain on a 340 pound bike.

After finishing with a few burnouts, Pastrana celebrated his triplicating feat by diving into the fountain.

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