MLB All Star Josh Hader's Racist & Homophobic Tweets Exposed

MLB All Star Josh Hader's Racist & Homophobic Tweets Exposed

Brewers reliever Josh Hader apologized Tuesday night after some racist, homophobic and sexist tweets from his high school days were exposed on Twitter during the All-Star Game.

The tweets resurfaced after Hader allowed a three-run home run to the American League's Jean Segura in the eighth inning of the All-Star Game, which the AL went on to win 7-5 in 10 innings.

"You know, it was something that happened when I was 17 years old", he said.

'Being 17 years old, you make stupid decisions and mistakes, ' Hader said.

Hader issued an apology in front of hoards of media after the game, saying that that comments don't "reflect on who [he] is as a person today". "I really don't know exactly what's out there". We're still learning who we are in high school, and you live and you learn. He said his fellow Brewers "shouldn't be involved in it", and that he's ready to face any punishment Major League Baseball deems appropriate for vilely insensitive tweets from his teenage years.

Some of Hader's family removed his replica jersey while at the All-Star Game, according to Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports. "There's no excuse for what was said or what happened", said Hader, who is now 24 years old.

Asked about the context of the tweets, Hader said: "I'm sure there were some rap lyrics being (tweeted)". It won't happen again.

Teammate Lorenzo Cain added: "We all say insane stuff when we're young, that's one reason why I don't have social media, because you always get in trouble for it".

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'We've all said insane stuff growing up, even when we're 17, 18 years old, ' Cain said.

Cain was asked if he was surprised to hear about the tweets. 'If we could follow each other around with a recorder every day, I'm sure we all said some dumb stuff.

Hader struggled in the All-Star Game, his first as a player, giving up three runs and four hits in 0.1 inning.

Hader said he plans to talk with his teammates.

Brewers outfielder Christian Yelich said: 'I don't know what he did or what happened. notes that Major League Baseball has tried to foster a more inclusive environment in recent years, in part by suspending players for using homophobic slurs on the field, like Matt Joyce and Kevin Pillar.

"We'll move on from it", Cain said.

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