Israel will not ‘rule out’ ties with Syrian govt - Defence minister

Israel will not ‘rule out’ ties with Syrian govt - Defence minister

The Israel military has said it fired a Patriot missile at a drone coming from Syria.

The Israeli army confirmed that it struck the Syrian targets in response to a Syrian drone that infiltrated Israeli airspace earlier on Wednesday.

The Israeli prime minister flew to Moscow yesterday to discuss what President Trump could offer President Putin in return for his help in pushing Iranian forces out of Syria. A Syrian commander said the drone was engaged in local operations.

The IDF spokesman confirmed that a Syrian UAV was intercepted by a Patriot missile.

Israel shot down the drone.

Shortly afterward, Netanyahu held a lengthy meeting with Putin in which they established a joint Israeli-Russian team to coordinate military activities and mitigate "misunderstandings". "The IDF will not allow any violation of Israeli airspace and will act against any attempt to hurt its civilians".

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Senate affirming its support for NATO , Kerry called on Republican lawmakers to call Trump on his actions. Trump met with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on the sidelines of the summit .

Israel has been on high alert as Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's forces advance against rebels near the Golan and Jordan. "Obviously, our focus is on Syria and Iran".

Russia, another top key ally of Assad, has warned it would be unrealistic to expect Iran to fully withdraw from the country.

Netanyahu's national security adviser, Meir Ben-Shabbat, also participated in the meeting.

This trade, as reported by the Israeli press, would have Netanyahu offering to see Russian Federation given full relief from US-imposed sanctions in return for Russian Federation expelling Iranian military from Syria.

"Their use of military force in Syria would inevitably lead to an escalation of tensions across the entire Middle East region", he said.

Responding to a reporter's question if Israel would establish some kind of relations with Syria, Lieberman responded: "Our assessment is that we are far from that, but we do not rule out anything".

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