How much do we really spend?

How much do we really spend?

She said Trump raised the topic of better burden-sharing and more spending by Germany, "as has been discussed for months", and that "we made clear that we're on the way".

Most had written off the day as much duller than the previous - when the US President had lambasted German Chancellor Angela Merkel as a captive of Russian Federation.

Perry said America supports open competition and looked forward to Monday's much-anticipated summit between Trump and Russia's President Vladimir Putin.

Mr Trump also warned the European Union he will make them pay for years of "taking advantage" of the United States - describing the situation as a "disgrace".

Amid the tumult, British Prime Minister Theresa May sounded a call for solidarity among the allies, saying, "As we engage Russian Federation we must do so from a position of unity and strength - holding out hope for a better future, but also clear and unwavering on where Russian Federation needs to change its behaviour for this to become a reality".

USA military leaders called their European counterparts to assure them that bases in their countries will remain open and troop levels will not be reduced, after Trump's threat to reassess commitments while speaking with North Atlantic Treaty Organisation allies, NBC News reported, citing officials familiar with the telephone calls.

In his discussions with Europeans, Trump also complained about the expense of NATO's new $1.4 billion headquarters. The US is paying for Europe's protection, then loses billions on Trade.

Around eight members of the 29-country military alliance are expected to reach the 2 per cent target this year.

And while the president has said he ultimately wants to up commitments doubled to 4 percent, for now he said that countries have agreed to move at a "faster clip" to meet the 2 percent threshold.

Trump heads to Britain on Thursday, where the government is in crisis over Brexit and where tensions with Russian Federation have spiked after London blamed Moscow for the death this month of a British woman from contact with the Novichok nerve agent.

Chelsea fires manager Antonio Conte after 2 years in charge
Conte leaves with the best win percentage 65.1 per cent of any of Chelsea's managers in the Premier League era. The Blues were unable to defend their title, finishing fifth last season and missing out on Champions League.

But the President isn't likely to face vocal or widespread hostility until later in the day on Thursday, when he heads to London, where mass protests have been organized, for his first visit to the United Kingdom as President.

FORDHAM: Absolutely. I think that's part of the reason that Trump was light on details and part of the reason that the secretary general in his press conference right now was light on details.

"I have a lot of respect for Boris". "And I know how to fix them".

But he said that since previous year around an additional 33 billion dollars, not including the United States, had been raised and it was now "unnecessary" to withdraw from the organisation.

A US official said Trump would be ready to talk about New Start if Putin raised it, but it was not a big USA priority. "And the United States is being treated much more fairly".

"President Trump is the leader of a great country".

Trump stressed that NATO's budget had been unfair to the U.S. but now he was sure it would be fair.

Speaking after a two-day summit in Brussels, he said allies had committed to spending more than 2% of their annual output (GDP) on defence budgets.

Pressed by reporters about whether he threatened to pull out of NATO, Trump acknowledged, "It was a little tough for a little while".

After the Group of Seven meeting in Quebec, where Mr. Trump left the conference without signing the statement that his advisers had endorsed, Mr. Trump attacked Mr. Trudeau as "weak" and "dishonest".

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