Facebook says bug changed block settings on up to 800K accounts

Facebook says bug changed block settings on up to 800K accounts

And while someone who was unblocked would have been able to contact via Facebook Messenger the person who'd blocked them, Facebook noted that most people affected did not have this happen to more than one user they'd blocked. A block allows users to keep unwanted eyes away from their profiles and posts, as well as prevent any unsought conversations popping up Messenger, but the bug borked that and arguably represents a breach of privacy for hundreds of thousands of Facebook users.

According to Facebook's data, 83 percent of people affected by the bug had only one person they had blocked temporarily unblocked.

Just a few months after launching Snapchat competitor, Riff, a collaborative video creation app for both iOS and Android users in 2015, Facebook plugged the plug on it.However, the tech giant said that most of the features of the app had been integrated into the main Facebook app and Messenger. That bug affected as many as 14 million users over several days in May. According to the company, visible Facebook user data is stored in pairs called "associations".

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The unblocked users were not able to see content shared with the friends of those they'd been blocked by, and the bug "did not reinstate any friend connections that had been severed".

"Their relationship may have changed or they may want to take a break from someone posting content they find annoying". Users will be notified if the bug was linked to their accounts and will receive a Facebook notification "encouraging them to check their blocked list", the company said. They would also have been able to send messages to the user, something a blocked person usually cannot do.

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