33 fires break out in Israeli Gaza-border communities by incendiary kites

33 fires break out in Israeli Gaza-border communities by incendiary kites

In previous retaliatory measures, Israel struck targets belonging to Hamas, blaming the group for the launching of the kites.

Israel's tightening of the economic blockade on the besieged Gaza Strip with the closure of its main cargo crossing with Israel was the highlight of the Palestinian Arabic dailies on Tuesday.

"Freedom Flotilla Coalition mentioned that their "Right to a Just Future for Palestine flotilla" that is on its way to Gaza will carry as many medical supplies as our four boats can safely hold", calling on the global community to help Gazans get pass Israel forces.

Hamas blasted Israel's blockade, calling it a "crime against humanity and the Palestinian people".

Netanyahu described the move as a crackdown on the Hamas Resistance Movement. "The occupation regime is responsible for the political, legal and security consequences of this decision".

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu told a meeting of his Likud faction that the Kerem Shalom Crossing will be closed in response to burning kite attacks from Gaza, according to a statement released on his behalf.

It said that "as of today, the expansion of the fishing zone from six to nine nautical miles, that was in effect for three months during the summer, is over" for Gaza fishermen. "I will not go into details", he said in parliament.

Israel Plans to Land Unmanned Spacecraft on Moon in February
The company undertook to launch its spacecraft this year, and has now announced its timetable for doing so. President Donald Trump has requested nearly $900 million in new funding for NASA moon missions.

In recent weeks, Palestinians in Gaza have been protesting against the naval, aerial and land blockade imposed by Israel and neighboring Egypt since 2006.

"This situation, in which every day our woodlands are being burned every day, can not continue", Lieberman said on Monday, adding that "I've instructed the IDF to take several measures".

"The IDF seized a Palestinian boat carrying some 17 sailors who broke the sea blockade", the navy said at the time.

Human rights groups have accused Israeli troops of using excessive force.

"What's needed is pressure on worldwide community".

Al-Ayyam said the Israeli military government gave the settlers the green light to have a cemetery on Palestinian land in the north of the West Bank.

Since 30 March 2018, more than 130 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli army fire and thousands have been injured while participating in regular demonstrations along the Gaza-Israel security fence. The al-Quds TV footage shows that the soldiers were at least 20 meters inside of the Gaza Strip when they shot the young men, who were at a protest inside the Gaza Strip and not trying to cross the fence as Israeli military officials claimed.

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