Trump To Sign Executive Order To End Family Separation At Border

Trump To Sign Executive Order To End Family Separation At Border

President Trump, who had previously supported a policy that separated immigrant families at the US border, signed an executive order ending that practice on Wednesday (June 20).

The White House may run into legal difficulties if the executive order requires families to be held intact together indefinitely since a federal consent decree known as the Flores settlement says children must be released after 20 days.

Donald Trump has said he is signing a decree to end family separations at the border, as the US House prepares to vote on a compromise immigration bill.

Family separation has seen a recent uptick due to Attorney General Jeff Sessions' "zero-tolerance" policy for illegal entry at the U.S. -Mexico border. The spectacular about-face comes after more than 2,300 children were stripped from their parents and adult relatives after illegally crossing the border since May 5 and placed in tent camps and other facilities, with no way to contact their relatives.

A spokesman for the Department of Health and Human Services, Kenneth Wolfe, told The New York Times that detained children won't be joining their detained parents soon.

As children can not legally be jailed with their parents, they are kept in separate facilities. The House may vote on the farm bill the very same day. Former President Barack Obama, who has been conspicuously silent during the child separation crisis, made family incarceration the mainstay of his response to mass displacement from Central America.

"They really would like to have open borders where they can just flow in", Mr. Trump said of congressional Democrats.

He said he was looking into whether the court could block deportation of parents until they have been reunited with their children, and whether it could force the Trump administration to reunite those separated. Trump's daughter, Ivanka, also spoke with the president several times to express her concerns, said another person familiar with the matter.

Iran, which tends to seize any opportunity to criticize United States government policy, also spoke out against the separation of families.

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President Donald Trump on Tuesday came face to face with furious Democratic lawmakers who launched a loud and very rare US Capitol protest of the American leader over his controversial immigration policies.

The speaker did not offer any back-up plan to bring an end to family separations if measures fail to pass.

His declaration marks a turnabout after the president and top administration officials spent days arguing that the policy was rooted in law and that it was up to Congress to pass legislation to change it. Trump also demanded that such legislation include funding for a border wall and curbs on legal immigration. Efrén Olivares, racial and economic justice director for the Texas Civil Rights Project, said in a news release that families will still end up separated while adults go through the criminal proceedings under the zero-tolerance policy.

"Congress and the courts created this problem, and Congress alone can fix it", Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen said Monday. "This is a ploy by the White House to distract people from the real issue of whether we're detaining children at all".

Trump visited House GOP members on the afternoon of June 19 to discuss the two immigration bills that may come up for vote this week. Because any illegal border crossing is prosecuted, parents and children are separated during the legal process.

"All of a sudden they weren't there anymore", Trump said.

The issue struck an emotional chord, amid accounts of children screaming and crying in facilities prepared for them.

Remember how the 2018 farm bill got derailed in the House last month, in part over an unrelated immigration dispute?

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