From pancakes to patties: IHOP now the International House of Burgers

From pancakes to patties: IHOP now the International House of Burgers

International House of Pancakes will continue serving flapjacks, but is emphasizing the beef after announcing Monday morning it has changed its name to the International House of Burgers. The "b" is for burgers. The chain says that the flip is only a marketing campaign to remind their customers that the International House of Pancakes is more than just a place to grab breakfast, but lunch and dinner as well. It remains to be seen whether the change will be permanent or merely a flash in the pan (cake) to promote hamburgers.

"We're always going to have pancakes on the menu, we're always going to be IHOP", the company's president, Darren Rebelez, told Fox News on Monday from the flagship IHOb in Hollywood, California.

The seven new burgers include the "Big Brunch"- a patty topped with bacon, a fried egg and a crispy browned potato - the "Cowboy BBQ"; "Jalapeno Kick;" "Mushroom & Swiss;" "The Classic;" "The Classic with Bacon" and the "Mega Monster", which features two patties. Every steakburger starts at $6.99 and comes with a drink and unlimited fries.

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The chain has been known as IHOP since 1958, when the first restaurant opened in Toluca Lake, California. It doesn't seem like any of the restaurant chain's original items will be changed or replaced as a result of the new burgers.

The restaurant chain announced a name change in June, to International House of Burgers.

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