Doom Eternal announced, and it's bringing double the demons to Earth

Doom Eternal announced, and it's bringing double the demons to Earth

A brief teaser shows a destroyed city, rife with the distinct demons of "DOOM", before the rage-filled supersoldier from the last game appears.

2016'S DOOM is one of the greatest first-person shooters ever made.

Bethesda have today announced that a direct follow up to 2016's DOOM, titled DOOM Eternal is now in development.

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During Bethesda's annual E3 press conference the company showed a teaser trailer that featured numerous iconic enemies from the series, including the minotaur-like cyber-demon and the giant spider-brains with a mounted laser. Here's a look at DOOM: Eternal in pure cinematic mode. As the DOOM Slayer, return to take your vengeance against the forces of Hell. What we do know is that there will be more demons, more action, and a whole lot more blood. Hell on Earth was, of course, promised as well. Additionally, Bethesda Softworks also said that it would have a gameplay reveal ready for its fan just in time for Quakecon 2018, which will commence in August this year.

Regardless, it certainly seems like we're going to be getting more from Doom in the near future besides some multiplayer updates.

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