Daimler ordered to recall 774000 cars

Daimler ordered to recall 774000 cars

Mercedes-Benz is disputing whether or not the devices are indeed illegal, but would not confirm how many vehicles they were installed in.

The authority said it suspected the emissions control devices were being used in the bulk of Daimler's new Euro 6 diesel auto fleet, insisting that the devices were in breach of current regulations.

Five models in total are reported to be affected, including the volume-selling Mercedes C-Class - the UK's ninth most popular vehicle previous year - and GLC SUV variants.

"The government will order 238,000 Daimler vehicles to be immediately recalled Germany-wide because of unauthorised defeat devices", the ministry said in a statement.

The European Commissioner for Industry, Elżbieta Bieńkowska, used the KBA's action to call for mandatory recalls by Daimler across the 28 EU member states.

Earlier Daimler chairman, Dieter Zetsche, had said a technical solution had been found to the software problems and that he did not expect the company to be fined.

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The system bypasses its full emission controls at cold or hot temperatures to take advantage of the "system longevity" loophole in the emissions regulations.

The Stuttgart-based carmaker has said the US Department of Justice has inquired about the company's emission certification processes, and that German prosecutors in Stuttgart are investigating Daimler employees on suspicion of fraud and criminal advertising.

The reports allege that two engines (OM 642 and OM 651) come with devices that shut down emissions controls under certain situations.

Six Mercedes-Benz models appeared in environmental lobby group Transport and Environment's 2016 "Dirty 50" list of diesel cars and SUVs, with the finger pointed at both thermal switches and another hot-restart software loophole. "Open legal questions will be clarified in the objection proceedings". But Mercedes software potentially reduces the quantity of AdBlue after a set period of time, improving performance and fuel economy but increasing harmful nitrous oxide (NOx) emissions.

Mercedes-Benz is caught up in an emissions scandal of its own. Similar campaigns were also organized by Volkswagen and BMW.

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