Apple's new phone software speeds up older devices

Apple's new phone software speeds up older devices

There's also a report from the Wall Street Journal (paywall) suggesting Apple is looking to get back into the advertising business.

Apple introduced new controls for limiting how much time customers spend on their devices as the company tackles criticism that its devices are becoming increasingly addictive and distracting. Notably, watchOS 5 does not support the original 2015 version of the Apple Watch.

It will work from any phone made after the 2013 iPhone 5S. The operating systems themselves won't be available to the general public until the Fall, but Apple does have an earlier public beta program for eager iPhone, iPad and Mac users.

Apple has announced that multiple users can now integrate augmented reality apps together with multiple iOS devices. Last year's iOS 11 was all about bringing MacOS-like productivity features to the iPad, such as a file manager app and the new dock that can hold up to 16 icons (apps or folders).

This includes improved processor performance, which now peaks quicker when it is needed, and then ramps down quickly to save battery life. Camera launches up to 70 percent faster, the keyboard appears up to 50 percent faster and typing is more responsive.

Parents can also set limits, using "Allowances" to allow their children ertain amounts of time on their devices. The Screen Time app will give users a weekly activity summary that shows how much they've used their device, including time spent in specific apps and how many notifications each app sent.

The app also lets users set daily time limits for individual apps, and a notification will be shown when the time limit is about to expire.

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The addition of video previews in iOS was part of a major redesign of that platform's app store, so it's possible we'll see some big changes to the Mac App Store design as well. ( CEO Jeffrey P. Bezos owns The Washington Post.) Is the MacOS going to start merging with iOS?

Setting up Shortcuts will be simple. So you might say, "Siri, I'm heading home" and the digital assistant will open your radio app, turn on your home thermostat and check the traffic on your route home. Apple revealed improved rendering, better face tracking, 3D object detection and experience sharing. The feature also integrates with messages and you can dial a whole group chat from within your Messages app.

Apple has officially unveiled iOS 12 with Group FaceTime calling, Memoji, Siri Shortcuts, and more.

Apple is adding a collection of features created to stop people getting addicted to their devices. Apps, too, can launch twice as fast.

The Photos app will look nearly the same, but a number of changes under the hood should make searching within the app much more powerful.

The new search functionality will use image recognition to find or group photos by recognising events, actions, and genres. However, even when the mode is turned off, it will present a deprecation alert to the user.

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