U of A linguists dissect viral 'Laurel' and 'Yanny' audio clip

U of A linguists dissect viral 'Laurel' and 'Yanny' audio clip

The internet has erupted in disagreement over an audio clip in which some say they hear "Laurel", while others hear "Yanny".

We were discussing this in the KHQ Newsroom too and it seems like everyone is split.

"You can see the Reddit post, and you have Yanny or Laurel, so it kind of biases you to hearing one of the two things", Tucker explained.

So what exactly is going on?

However, they report that age isn't the only reason that the audio may be heard differently by different people.

"Each sound is made up of several frequencies, and those that create "Yanny" are higher than those for "Laurel", cognitive neuroscientist Lars Riecke of Maastricht University told tech site The Verge".

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Let us know what you heard. Some people saw a gold and white striped dress in a now viral photo, while others saw the colors blue and black. It's like it was put on the internet just to sow discord.

Then, he said, you have to take into account the different ways people are listening to this - through mobile phones, headphones, tablets, etc.

Some people believe it's the difference in quality and the device you hear the sound on. Yanny or Laurel, not some blend. The controversy has torn families apart. Stephen King tweeted he first heard "Yanny", only to switch sides a few hours later. "I think everyone is hearing Laurel", Dr. Rob Sheuermann said.

There are a lot of theories out there ranging from the volume the clip is played in to what type of speakers you may be using.

"I'd like to declare something that is just so obvious, it is Laurel and not Yanny", he said.

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