Rainbow Six Siege's Para Bellum Villa map gets a trailer

Rainbow Six Siege's Para Bellum Villa map gets a trailer

As part of the upcoming Operation Para Bellum update, Villa will also be included alongside two yet to be announced G.I.S. Ubisoft also said that Rainbow Six Siege is on sale for up to half-price, but for the moment it's going for full bang on Steam, Humble, and Ubisoft's own store-it's possible that the price will drop once the free weekend is live, but be aware that for now, no discount applies.

Ubisoft have released a new trailer showcasing a brand new map for tactical online shooter Rainbow Six Siege, ready for all your trap-setting, floor-crawling needs. The story behind the map is that it's actually a front for smuggling activities, and that the Vinciguerra crime family have begun burning documents and removing evidence before the Rainbow Six operators arrive, so the visual theme of the house is one of disarray and chaos.

You can see a full list of region breakdowns for access here.

The new Italian map will also come with two new playable operators, obviously of Italian descent.

It's shaping up beautifully so far and we can't wait to see more! Do you know what other Ubisoft game series has entries set in Italy?

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Along with that, while three Speed operators getting slower, one Speed operators is getting a little bit faster.

Small increase to movement speed with handguns out.

Recently, Ubisoft went ahead and detailed the next season of Rainbow Six Siege.

"One of the foundations of the speed vs. armor system is the balancing act between the two".

I do wonder if this is something that was actually in dire need of adjusting or if it was just something the developers wanted to balance themselves?

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