Pusha-T's 'DAYTONA' Cover Art Features Whitney Houston's Drug-Littered Bathroom

Pusha-T's 'DAYTONA' Cover Art Features Whitney Houston's Drug-Littered Bathroom

In the midst of the rollout, label head Kanye West has been all over the news, particularly due to his political views, something Push commented on earlier this week on The Angie Martinez Show.

West, who produced the new album, shared the photo with his followers announcing: "album 1 PUSHA T DAYTONA dropping 2mrw".

"He changed my artwork last night at 1 a.m". And I like this other artwork. I said, 'Hey, I don't want to pay for that. "Picked the picture, great, we look, boom, boom, boom, it's good". Kanye called Pusha T after midnight and told him that the cover art should be a different photo. So, there's nothing I even want to hear in regards to [Trump]-a point of view, anything.

He said: "I feel like the cover represents an organised chaos". The energy of the album is a bit chaotic, but it's all in place.

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The dark photo will be the cover of his forthcoming album Daytona, which is set to be released tomorrow.

The image West bought the rights to was secretly taken in Houston's Atlanta mansion in 2006 after an alleged drug binge.

Houston died at age 48 in 2012, accidentally drowning in a bathtub with additional complications of heart disease and cocaine use. I'm not really too, too, too entrenched in the art world like that. In a 2013 memoir titled Remembering Whitney, Houston's mom re-enacted the time she walked into her daughter's bathroom mortified by what she had just seen. While Ye publicly revealed in a series of tweets that he planned to use Dr. Adams' photo for his album the doctor wrote him an open letter, urging him not to. While drug paraphernalia is still strewn across the bathroom counter, the Daytona version features one less beer can. "She literally had no one she could trust around her. People who love you wouldn't do something like this".

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