Nigerian woman kicked from plane over body odour is suing airline

Nigerian woman kicked from plane over body odour is suing airline

Before she could sit, a crew member told Obioma to leave the plane and that the pilot had specifically asked that she be removed from the plane because the male passenger complained that he could not fly with her because of her pungent smell.

Obioma, who is seeking $75,000 damages over the 2016 allegations, said the incident began when she asked the white man to move from a business class seat that had been assigned to her.

Obioma filed a civil rights lawsuit against United Airlines, saying the airline discriminated against her because she is black, Nigerian and African. "She sobbed uncontrollably for a long time". He told her the pilot had personally requested that she be ejected from the aircraft since the man who was sitting in her seat was not comfortable traveling next to her because she was "pungent". It also accuses crew members of singling out Obioma, not because she was being disruptive, but because a white man - who refused to sit in his own assigned seat - did not want to share a plane with her. Obioma had been traveling to Canada because her kids attend school there.

'At that point, Ms. Obioma was lost, confused and disoriented. "Her mind went blank and she was utterly befuddled", according to the complaint.

However, the moment she sat down, a crew member informed Obioma to go outside the plane, where another employee told her that she can not board the flight.

"Ms. Obioma watched her minor children marched out of the aircraft like criminals, confused and perplexed and she slumped", the lawsuit reads, according to a copy obtained by ABC News.

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"We have not yet been served with this suit and due to the pending litigation involved in this matter, we're unable to provide further comment", a spokesman for the airline said in an emailed statement.

Five hours later, Obioma and her family were put on another plane to finish their journey, but her children missed scheduled appointments, costing her more money.

Obioma and children were also taken off the plane.

The lawsuit is just the latest black eye for United when it comes to customer service issues. Dao reached an undisclosed settlement with United a few weeks after the incident, according to the Associated Press.

Although airlines can technically kick a passenger out for smelling bad, Obioma's lawsuit claims that had nothing to do with it.

In April 2017, United faced a crisis of confidence when a video went viral showing 69-year-old doctor, David Dao, forcibly removed by dragging from a United flight at Chicago's O'Hare International Airport because the flight was overbooked and he refused to get off the plane.

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