Million Facebook Users' Data Exposed by Personality Quiz

Million Facebook Users' Data Exposed by Personality Quiz

Facebook announced Monday that, as part of its investigation following the Cambridge Analytica revelation, "around 200" apps were suspended and would be thoroughly investigated.

Aside from the data set, the application was also able to collect information from around 22 million status updates from more than 150,000 users.

Facebook has failed to fully answer 39 questions submitted by United Kingdom members of parliament that aim to explore the social network's approach to data privacy and fake news, according to the parliamentary committee charged with investigating the matter. Companies like Twitter tend to have access to less private information than Facebook.

The Sun reports that this latest gaffe saw the intimate details of 3 million users snatched by a rogue app with links to the software at the heart of the bigger privacy scandal that recently rocked the firm.

There has been a lot of attention in the media lately with respect to the Facebook/Cambridge Analytica issue and its fall-out (including today's coverage of the announcement that Facebook suspended nearly 200 apps pending a more complete investigation in whether any user data was misused).

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On May 1, the United Kingdom threatened Zuckerberg with a formal summons if he were to set foot on United Kingdom soil, in an attempt to get Facebook's CEO to personally testify about the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Were these 200 apps chosen simply because they requested or acquired user data, or because Facebook already has evidence or suspicion that they held onto and sold the data? If the audit happens, the chances of the number of third-party apps going up is likely. In addition, they will also tell individuals by means of this site. The data allegedly includes information like age, gender, and relationship status of 4.3 million people.

The "myPersonality" app was reportedly the brainchild of two academics from the University of Cambridge's The Psychometrics Centre. The username and password have been publicly available for the past four years on GitHub.

Do you think it's time governments took legal action against Facebook for these constant data leak issues?

The investigation, which Archibong says is "in full swing", has covered thousands of apps so far (no word on how many apps Facebook has left to scrutinize).

"We suspended the myPersonality app nearly a month ago because we believe that it may have violated Facebook's policies", Mr Archibong said on Monday in response to an AFP inquiry.

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