Google's Pixel Buds finally let you skip tracks with a double tap

Google's Pixel Buds finally let you skip tracks with a double tap

Google I/O 2018 saw a number of cool new announcements from the company which related to all of their products.

Still, it's a welcome update - one that might me make start using the Pixel Buds more often. They're obviously primarily for listening to music, but they also support the Google Assistant and the wide range of features it offers too. Just like we've seen in other wireless earbuds, gesture control is one of the ways that users can interact with the devices, but now it looks like Google is introducing more commands.

Google Pixel Buds let you do a lot with just a quick touch.

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First up, you can triple-tap the right earbud to turn your Pixel Buds off or on, something Google says users have been requesting. As for the second, it's one many will feel a sense of familiarity to when it comes to earphones with a pause/play button. You can turn them back on with the same gesture. Instead of that gesture reading incoming notifications, it can now be set to skip tracks.

The last update is for easier pairing with the ability to simply go to the Bluetooth menu of any device you've paired with previously and select Pixel Buds to have them automatically switch to the new device. The update rolls out beginning today and should be available to most users by early next week.

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