Explosions Heard Near Iranian Facility South of Damascus in Syria

Explosions Heard Near Iranian Facility South of Damascus in Syria

"Syria has its own sovereignty". "Those who entered Syria without the permission of the Syrian government are the ones that must leave the country", the spokesman said.

"No one will extract us from Syria".

"Our forces, including the air defense, protect the Syrian sky and land".

The latest wave came in the early hours of May 10, when Israel carried out dozens of raids against what it said were "Iranian" targets in Syria. Both Damascus and Moscow said the Syrian army had managed to shoot down more than half of the missiles.

The spokesman went on to say that within the framework of the first joint commission of the JCPOA, which is expected to be held without the U.S. presence in the coming days at Iran's request, Tehran and the remaining sides will only discuss the JCPOA and the issues related to the deal.

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Damascus has also responded to the airstrikes and considers the Israeli airstrikes as an aggression. He and his counterpart hailed the beginning of the "political process" in Syria amid an ongoing "fight against terrorism".

Assad's refusal to accept any weakening of his power shows he "does not want a political solution", said Yahya al-Aridi, a spokesman for the main Syrian opposition group.

The goal of "Operation Chess" was to prevent Iran from carrying out reprisals for an Israeli airstrike against the Iranian-controlled T-4 air base in central Syria on April 9, which killed at least seven members of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, including a senior officer responsible for its drone program.

Using Lebanon's airspace, the regime has attacked the Syrian soil on many occasions since 2011, when the Arab country found itself in the grips of a devastating foreign-backed militancy. "Iran is an independent country and determines its policies in the region and the world based on its national interests", he added.

Iranian officials refer to their regional alliance with Lebanese group Hezbollah and Syrian government against Israel as "resistance movement", or ‎"axis of resistance" ‎.

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