Emilia Clarke hates the phrase 'strong women'

Emilia Clarke hates the phrase 'strong women'

If you ask Solo: A Star Wars Story's Emilia Clarke, however, she doesn't feel that catch-all phrase is at all a good thing for actresses, mostly because of what it oppositely implies.

The British beauty wore statement earrings for the outing and highlighted her natural good looks with pink blusher.

"There were some pretty shady characters that I have met throughout my life, and I used them for inspiration", Bettany said.

The actress also revealed how she has always received the same salary as the male actors in "Game of Thrones".

'On Game of Thrones, I have always been paid the same amount as my male co-stars, ' she said.

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She said that recent revelations of pay inequality, like the discovery that Claire Foy was paid less than Matt Smith on The Crown, were 'shocking, actually shocking'.

"You start to dig deep and see where (the gender pay gap) is, rife in the industry. You just start to fight harder for that stuff".

Elsewhere in the conversation, Clarke discussed changing directors mid-way through the "Solo" shoot and the final season of "Thrones", which she is in the middle of filming as the steel-willed Daenerys Targaryen. Check out our gallery to chart her style from the red carpet to the beach. Emilia called the news "shocking" and believed that women need to be aware of unequal pay.

Emilia Clarke is a lady in movies and TV who also frequently happens to be a lead, earning fairly meaty roles, and she also told Variety at Cannes that unless she's "packing guns"-and not the kind with bullets - in future movies, she really hopes she never has to hear that phrase come out of someone's mouth ever again".

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