Colorado Catholics react to Pope's LGBTQ remarks

Colorado Catholics react to Pope's LGBTQ remarks

The Roman Catholic Church would not address the Pope's remarks directly, saying it does not comment on his private conversations. It marked the first time a reigning pope had visited the Holy Land, but at the time the Vatican did not recognize Israel as a state, and Paul did not pronounce the word "Israel". "The Pope wants you like that, you have to be happy with who you are"'.

But Pope Francis reportedly made it clear that Juan Carlos's sexuality is not an issue, in his or God's eyes.

The Vatican, which does not comment on the pope's private comments, has declined to confirm or deny the remarks. "Instead of the more passive 'Who am I to judge?' the pope is expressing a much stronger affirmation of gay and lesbian people than he, or any previous pope or Vatican official, has ever done". It has a history of firing Openly gay men and women from Catholic positions not to mention the Church's Catechism says gay men and women "are contrary to the natural law".

'There are very good people within the Chilean Church who could take over the reigns and fix the damage done by these corrupt bishops, ' Cruz said in an interview.

The words of Pope Francis to Juan Carlos Cruz give me hope that we are moving in that direction.

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Obviously, Pope Francis' powerfully embracing message signals a huge departure from the Catholic Church's stance on homosexuality.

In Catholic teaching especially, we enter the world with the taint of original sin, the inheritors of Adam and Eve's rebellion against God, but that does not distance us from His love and His efforts for us to find redemption. And it is with this attitude that comes from Mary, who is Mother of the Church, with this attitude we can understand this feminine dimension of the Church, which, when it is not there, the Church loses its identity and becomes a charitable organization or a football team, or whatever, but not the Church. "Bride and Mother. And the Fathers go further and say that even your soul is the bride of Christ and mother".

"Life is life; things have to be accepted as they come". "Tendencies, hormonal imbalance, have and cause so many problems... This is what Jesus would do today".

Apologising to the victims, the pope and to Chile for the failings of Chile's churchmen, Ramos said the bishops would all stay in their roles until Francis had decided what to do.

Pope Francis gives mass in Chile. Mr. Cruz acknowledged that he was gay and, jokingly, not the reincarnation of Saint Aloysius Gonzaga, a model of the virtue of purity, but someone who tried to be "a good person".

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