Apple and Samsung are back in court over seven-year patent dispute

Apple and Samsung are back in court over seven-year patent dispute

During the earlier trial, Apple lawyer Seth Waxman argued that the design patent referred to "the thing to which the design is applied", meaning the entire smartphone.

"They're seeking profits on the entire phone", he said. Samsung, meantime, has requested the jury to restrict damages to $28 million. Apple is arguing that not only should Samsung pay the entire $399 million (which applies specifically to the two patents mentioned above) but the original $1 billion because "article of manufacture" consists of the whole phone.

The original trial, back in 2012, awarded Apple $1.05 billion in damages, which was less than half of their ask of $2.75 billion.

CLEARLY BORED of doing minor updates to its product portfolio, Apple has chose to renew its patent spat with Samsung.

In the latest trial, Apple has the burden of proof to prove that Samsung should pay the full $1 billion in damages. Samsung provides key components to Apple's flagship laptops, smartphones and table computers.

Kare continued to by saying "it's an organic, holistic design" which infringes upon Apple's patent.

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The arguments are centred around "articles of manufacture", a legal term to describe the portions of a device covered by a patent.

Yet another big tech brand is taking a swing at the foldable phone concept, this time Motorola according to a patent that has been filed and a leaked image.

At issue were design features by now familiar to consumers: a black, rectangular, round-cornered phone front, a surrounding rim, known as the "bezel" and a grid of 16 colorful icon. Koh has forbidden that argument on the ground that Samsung didn't raise it in the previous trial or on appeal.

Samsung's laser focus on breaking down the three patents was evident, not only demonstrated by their lines of inquiry with the industrial and graphic design experts, but also when they questioned two computer scientists with the University of Toronto.

Neither Apple nor Samsung gave remark when inquired. "Without the graphical user interface one could not operate the product or access any of its other features", she states in written testimony.

Finally, in the final round of the long-going Samsung patent fight, Apple has demanded a total of $1 Billion from Samsung for patent infringement at smartphone retrial.

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