ZTE Iceberg has two notches

ZTE Iceberg has two notches

ZTE Iceberg is the first smartphone in the world to have two display notches, ZTE was thinking "two is always better than one" when designing its new concept phone, and chose to add two notches.

ZTE wants to show the world that it is more ambitious about notches than its compatriots.

ZTE, one of the well-known smartphone makers around the world, has a concept for its next smartphone and it challenges the likes of all other smartphones with a notch.

How many notches is enough for you?

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Notches on displays are becoming more popular thanks to Apple's iPhone X. However, the physical feature has started a debate on whether it's a good design choice. It makes the phone look a little like it belongs in a museum as a futuristic artifact or like it's encased in ice, hence the name Iceberg. It is still not clear whether notch adds value to the smartphone experience or it affects the overall aesthetics of the design.

The year is 2018 and we have notches on nearly every new smartphones which have launched. The top-notch has the front camera, earpiece, distance and brightness sensors while the second speaker sits in the lower notch.

Interestingly, the smartphone there is a slab of glass that it is holding the front and rear panel of the smartphone. This glass actually stretches beyond the corners of the handset. The device has been codenamed "Iceberg" for now but with the ZTE naming system, that could well be the real name at the time of public launch. And the phone will also have unique corners of glass which have never been implemented on any smartphone. The ZTE Iceberg offers a rear fingerprint sensor and a dual rear camera setup.

ZTE also managed to add speakers on the front of the smartphone, and equipped it with wireless charging support.

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