Taylor Swift 'September' Cover Actually Praised By EWF's Philip Bailey!!!

Taylor Swift 'September' Cover Actually Praised By EWF's Philip Bailey!!!

Earth, Wind & Fire's classic song "September" is an upbeat anthem and a summer mainstay at black cookouts.

Judge opined that some songs shouldn't be remade, and "September" is one of them - especially by Swift.

At around the same time, according to reports, the press release announcing the songs was revised to eliminate the second two sentences in this paragraph: "Taylor says that she chose "September" for sentimental reasons". Swift's rendition nearly feels like a heartbreak ballad than a joyous anthem. "Taylor Swift needs her a** whooped", she said.

Another user joked: 'Do you rememba. when taylor swift wrote an open letter about how much she hated spotify and now she's releasing live covers of songs exclusively to their platform?'

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Now, fans are losing it on Twitter hoping to unearth the significance of that line, with many theorizing that it's the anniversary of Swift's relationship with boyfriend Joe Alwyn. Others are covering their ears and refusing to hear Swift's tarnished version of "September".

On Friday the 13th, Taylor Swift released a new version of her song "Delicate" along with a cover of Earth, Wind & Fire's 1971 hit "September" on Spotify as part of the Spotify Singles series.

Check out more reactions to the song below.

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