Russian Trolls Increased '2000 Percent' After Syria Attack, Pentagon Says

Russian Trolls Increased '2000 Percent' After Syria Attack, Pentagon Says

There were no immediate reports of casualties, with Damascus' allies saying the buildings hit had been evacuated in advance.

Syrian media reported that Syrian defenses hit 13 rockets south of Damascus.

But she also drew a link with the nerve agent attack on Russian former spy Sergei Skripal and his daughter Yulia in Salisbury.

It was, instead, about the use of chemical weapons, May said.

British Prime Minister Theresa May countered that little doubt existed that the Syrian government used a barrel bomb - large containers packed with fuel, explosives and metal scraps - to deliver the chemicals at Douma.

And Pape says it puts the 2,000 US troops in Syria at risk.

Warships, fighters jets and cruise missiles were used in the coordinated operation that struck military infrastructure and sites allegedly used to develop and manufacture chemical weapons. He acknowledged, however, that Syria retained "residual" capacity, but gave no details on the scope of what could be left.

Pentagon spokeswoman Dana White reiterated that the U.S. is only in Syria to fight the Islamic State group and does not want to get drawn into Syria's civil war.

"Based on recent experience, we fully expect a significant disinformation campaign over the coming days by those who have aligned themselves with the Assad regime", said Mattis, adding that White and Lieutenant General Kenneth F. McKenzie would speak "in effort to maintain transparency and accuracy".

The White House and Pentagon, previous year and now, have not clearly outlined the USA mission and strategy in Syria, as many reporters have pointed out, then and now.

Protesters gathered in Chicago Saturday to condemn the United States' strike against Syria.

Secretary of Defense James Mattis said that the US suffered no losses during the strikes, which "targeted the heart of Assad's programs to develop and produce chemical weapons".

AFPCoalition forces hit three targets in the early hours of this morning
AFPCoalition forces hit three targets in the early hours of this morning

Gen. Joseph Dunford, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, said the only communications that took place between the United States and Russian Federation before the operation were "the normal deconfliction of the airspace, the procedures that are in place for all of our operations in Syria".

"To Iran and to Russian Federation I ask: What kind of a nation wants to be associated with the mass murder of innocent men, women and children?" he said.

"Trump calls the two countries those "most responsible for supporting, equipping and financing the criminal Assad regime". The US mission in Syria remains to defeat ISIS and not get involved in the country's civil war, White said. That's why it's time we examine the vulnerabilities of Hezbollah, the terrorist military force from Lebanon that is Iran's lethal proxy in Syria.

The bombings happened hours after American, UK and French forces fired more than 100 missiles at three sites connected to Syria's chemical weapons programme.

"A perfectly executed strike last night". He said the three nations have "marshaled their righteous power". Such a course correction need not lead America into another Middle East quagmire.

Haley emphasized that, "We are prepared to sustain this pressure", on Syria if they continue to use chemical weapons.

Mr. Trump, however, has said recently that he wants to pull out of Syria "very soon" - a desire that seems to be complicated by this weekend's strikes.

More than 100 missiles were launched early Saturday morning by the US and its allies France and the United Kingdom, targeting three chemical weapons sites in Syria.

Defense Secretary James Mattis said Friday night that the U.S. was expecting a disinformation campaign by those aligned with the Assad regime.

The officials said the operation was carefully orchestrated and methodically planned to minimize potential damage, adding the USA is not aware of any civilian casualties.

The Prime Minister also warned Russian Federation that the air strikes should act as a warning to Russian Federation over its use of chemical weapons. State TV broadcast what it said was the research center that was attacked, showing footage of rubble and destroyed building.

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