Nope! Restaurant serves up 'tarantula burger' for Exotic Meat Month

Nope! Restaurant serves up 'tarantula burger' for Exotic Meat Month

- This is not a joke.

This year, they're serving up a 'Tarantula Burger.' And no, just because it's in quotation marks doesn't mean it's figurative.

Every April, Bull City Burger and Brewery hosts "Exotic Meat Month", celebrating exotic meats eaten around the country and the world.

Customers fearless enough to scarf down the hairy spider get a t-shirt to prove their venture.

NBC affiliate WRAL checked out a burger with a tarantula stacked onto it at Bull City Burger and Brewery this week.

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However, not everyone can chow down on the eight-legged edible, you'll have to win a raffle for a chance to try one.

But the challenge requires more than "the most daring of taste buds". The only way to get the tarantula burger is by entering a raffle, whose winners are announced daily while the supply of creepy-crawlies lasts.

If their name is called the customer will be given the $30 burger, which is made with pasture-raised beef, spicy chili sauce and topped with an oven roasted tarantula.

Out & About Editor Kathy Hanrahan agreed to participate in the challenge.

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