Netflix launches Instagram Stories-like previews on its iOS app

Netflix launches Instagram Stories-like previews on its iOS app

Users will simply have to tap on the icons to start watching the vertical 30-second trailers.

The new mobile previews for the Netflix iOS app are very reminiscent of Snapchat Stories and Instagram Stories.

On mobile, you'll get see these Netflix previews vertically, so you can keep browsing as they play without having to turn your phone sideways.

Johnson further explained that the previews are shown in a slide show, allowing you to select the titles you want to watch trailers for or keep swiping until you find something exciting. The feature is coming soon to Android. It will come to Android in the future. Video previews have only been available on TV-connected devices since late 2016, after years of data indicated "video previews help our members browse less and discover new content more quickly" according to Johnson.

Previews are meant to be viewed in multiples, with Netflix implementing a variety of touch controls that allow you to navigate between them quickly.

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The new mobile vertical trailers are now only available for the iOS Netflix app.

If you're a Netflix subscriber, you can't help but notice the video previews that play when you fire up Netflix on your television or console.

Netflix has been on a tear with original programs including "The Crown" and "Stranger Things".

The company plans to invest up to $8 billion this year in new TV series, films, documentaries and other programs in several languages 'to serve the diverse tastes of our growing global membership base, ' the company said in its letter to shareholders.

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