Microsoft Adding Support for Discord Connectivity Across Xbox One and PC

Microsoft Adding Support for Discord Connectivity Across Xbox One and PC

Hopefully, the collaboration between Xbox and Discord will open up the chance for more applications to operate on a cross-platform level.

The decision to allow Xbox One owners to link up their Discord and Xbox accounts comes as a result of players' feedback, according to the Xbox Wire post. Xbox One and PC players will now have the ability to use Discord to see what games friends are playing and on what platform. Citing the popularity of the Discord program that lets gamers communicate easily, the Xbox Wire announcement explained how the integration will work. From the Account Setting menu, a new Discord option will appear in the "Linked social accounts" area.

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Xbox's new Discord integration feature isn't available at the moment, but when it's deployed soon for certain users, the Xbox team provided a list of the necessary steps for linking the accounts.

Microsoft has announced today that it is partnering with Discord to provide support for the app between Xbox One and PC. With this new team-up between Discord and Xbox, interactivity and connection between a group of friends has been made simpler than ever before. By linking Discord and Xbox accounts, people will be able track their friends' activity while on either platform. PC users will see a similar option on their own Discord account through the "user settings" tab, which is accessible through the Discord app on either PC or mobile devices. You'll be asked to enable permission and when you do your two accounts will be linked. Discord establishes itself as a competitor to Microsoft's Skype on its website with the phrase "It's time to ditch Skype and TeamSpeak".

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