Janice Dickinson Says She Covered Up Cosby Rape In Her Memoir

Janice Dickinson Says She Covered Up Cosby Rape In Her Memoir

Mesereau then sought to paint her as a serial user of cocaine and pills and attacked her over her relationship with Sylvester Stallone, accusing her of telling him she was pregnant with his child.

On cross-examination Thursday, defense attorney Mesereau questioned why Baker-Kinney waited to come forward until 2015, after lawyer Gloria Allred proposed that Cosby use his vast resources to compensate accusers.

On the stand, Dickinson described an incident in which she alleges comedian Bill Cosby raped her in a Lake Tahoe hotel room in 1982.

"I was weak. I was limp, and I could not fight him off", she testified. I remember his breath, the taste of his kiss it smelt like cigars and espresso... A married man, father of five kids, on top of me, ' she added. "How very, very wrong it was".

Reality TV star and former supermodel Janice Dickinson took the stand before a jury in Pennsylvania on Thursday on the fourth day of comedian Bill Cosby's retrial on three counts of aggravated indecent assault.

Cosby, 80, is not charged with assaulting the other five women who have testified, but prosecutors hoped to show a pattern of predatory behaviour by Cosby that eventually targeted Constand, 45. That there was nothing consensual about these encounters he carefully choreographed.

Dickinson noted that she then felt "vaginal pain" and passed out when Cosby allegedly entered her.

The defence has dismissed the other women's testimony as "prosecution by distraction".

That's not to say that their testimonies are identical.

"He said, 'Put them down".

Heidi Thomas sounded nearly chipper on the stand, detailing an idyllic childhood and a happily-ever-after adulthood in which Cosby was some kind of nightmarish intermission in an otherwise dreamy existence. Cosby guided her to a sofa and laid her down.

Laughter rippled through the usually whisper-quiet court crowd as Dickinson described a DNA test to determine whether Stallone was the father of her child.

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"I don't lie, sir, don't call me a liar", Dickinson said. "I was thinking, 'What the heck, what the heck is he doing?' I was just in shock".

Dickinson, the fourth accuser to take the stand this week at Cosby's trial in Norristown, had a different tone and life experience than the three other women who testified against the entertainer this week. "I wanted to punch him in the face". I wanted to hit him I wanted to punch him in the face ... "I can remember feeling anger, disgust, and ashamed", she also told the jury.

When Cosby found out, he invited her to another dinner to discuss her decision to abandon sports broadcasting, which he wanted her to pursue.

Mesereau suggested that Baker-Kinney had called her sister the day after the alleged sex assault and told her only that she got too drunk, not that she had taken pills. After waking up the next morning, she says she noticed semen between her legs.

Now nicely into center age, Baker-Kinney and the opposite two accusers who've testified to this point spoke of getting into Cosby's orbit as starstruck younger girls in search of profession assist or, in Baker-Kinney's case, merely searching for a very good time. Cosby tracked her down to Bali, where she was modeling for an oil company calendar, and asked her to Lake Tahoe "to further talk about my career".

Cosby then took her back to his room, where Dickinson, 27 at the time, shot several pictures of him with her Polaroid camera that were projected in court.

But the women do have explanations for these discrepancies.

Dickinson admitted she did but said she told the story of the alleged rape to Fenjves and her publisher, who recommended changing the passage to avoid issues with Cosby's legal team.

Instead, Constand said, the pills made her black out. He's a powerful guy.

She testified that when he finished his call, he climbed on top of her. "I don't know what it was, but I believe I know what it was". I couldn't get the words out I wanted to say. 'It doesn't matter that every word is true. "I felt victimized, and that's why I didn't go to the police", she said. "I was in my head", she said.

The Associated Press does not typically identify people who say they are victims of sexual assault unless they grant permission, which Constand has done.

Prosecutors seemed cognizant of those efforts to depict Constand in an unflattering light when they asked her why she had agreed to cooperate when they brought charges, even after securing a large financial settlement from Cosby in a 2005 lawsuit. "I don't need publicity from this".

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