Grand Theft Auto V Estimated To Be Highest Grossing Entertainment Product Ever

Grand Theft Auto V Estimated To Be Highest Grossing Entertainment Product Ever

In the five years since the game's release, Rockstar sold over 90 million units of the game, and combined with in-game transactions for the online element of the game, it's reportedly now broken records.

According to Kotaku, some of GTA IV's music licences are due to expire later this month, resulting in some of the game's songs being removed on April 26 - nearly ten years after the release of GTA IV on PS3 and Xbox 360.

"I think it's a wild outlier", he told MarketWatch.

There have been a whopping 15 Grand Theft Auto games in the series and all have their quirky nuances that make them great. This was followed by a superlative PC port. Thanks to its fantastic single-player campaign and steady flow of content to its multiplayer mode, it's now made more money than any other entertainment product ever. The highest grossing movie of all time, unadjusted, is James Cameron's Avatar, which earned $2.78 billion theatrically. You can listen to it via Apple Podcasts or RSS, or just listen to this week's episode by hitting the play button below. So impressive, in fact, that they look like something of an anomaly in the progression of sales figures in the franchise.

ZTE Iceberg has two notches
The top-notch has the front camera, earpiece, distance and brightness sensors while the second speaker sits in the lower notch. Interestingly, the smartphone there is a slab of glass that it is holding the front and rear panel of the smartphone.

Marketwatch and Creutz explained that the continued success of GTA V, largely bolstered by GTA: Online and its microtransactions, is an anomaly for the gaming industry. And the first one, including all the random ports on mobile and whatnot, is Tetris, with around 170 million copies sold worldwide.

The image located below is taken from the Market Watch article, it shows in detail just how big GTA V really is compared other forms of media. In fact, the game has managed to rank among the top-selling game in each year since its launch, impressive considering the fact that it celebrated its 4-year anniversary in September last year.

The game has become so successful that the developer Take-Two Interactive has yet to plan or develop a Grand Theft Auto 6 anytime soon. And even then, it's unlikely that GTA VI comes anywhere close to hitting the heights of its predecessor.

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