Gmail is about to get a makeover

Gmail is about to get a makeover

As spotted by Techcrunch and The Verge, the new version of Gmail is expected to implement a "a fresh clean look for Gmail on the web" as well as several interesting new features.

Gmail's web interface hasn't changed in years - you can probably expect a new interface that follows Google's Material design language. Google Calendar got an update last October, and Google lost no time forcing users to migrate.

The new features will also include "easy access to G Site apps from directly within Gmail", Digital Trends observes. It's not clear how that data counts people who have personal Gmail accounts and work Gmail accounts monitored by G Suite administrators, but the notice sent out by Google says that these changes will be coming to personal email accounts as well. Additionally, there could be improvements with Google Tasks finally getting integration into Gmail, allowing users to access a To-Do list in their email.

Another feature to be added is the ability to snooze emails; that is, to set them aside for a specific period of time, after which they resurface in the users' inboxes.

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If you want to see some more of the new Gmail interface - albeit heavily redacted - you can head over to Android Authority for some more shots. They're good for hammering out short replies to a ton of emails, but the utility of not having to type a short email is lessened when you're doing it on a real computer with a real keyboard.

Google also notes that the update might break some popular browser add-ons for Gmail, such as Clearbit, Streak, etc.

With that being said, the new Gmail experience should be rolled out within "the coming weeks".

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