Fortnite's Port-a-Fort grenades and Replay system are now live

Fortnite's Port-a-Fort grenades and Replay system are now live

V3.5 also adds the Port-a-Fort item, which is basically a grenade that, when activated, creates an instant defensive fortress which can be used to get a height and positioning advantage on players around you.

In Fortnite's v3.5 update, made earlier today, an exploit which had been previously patched out of the game makes its return.

Tomorrow, April 11th at 4AM ET, the 3.5 update for Fortnite is being released.

Recent months have seen Fortnite experience explosive success as it has become one of the most popular video games in recent memory.

This 50vs50 mode is quite a change of pace when compared to the bread and butter of Fortnite, Battle Royale.

Cyberpunk Heroes: Brand new skins for Save the World.

Black Adam: Dwayne Johnson hopes to begin shooting in 2019
Okoye and Russell nearly immediately strike up a playful, winking banter that is just begging to be explored further. Initially, Johnson seemed like the heir apparent to the old days of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone.

Wood, stone, and metal will now be the first resources in the inventory list.

The Pump Shotgun was one of the weapons mentioned in the notes, but Epic also state that they have removed the reloading animation from the Pump Shotgun, which is likely why the technique seems to have been reintroduced.

Mobile devices will not enter the login queue a few times per login attempt.

Drone style camera that is loosely attached to the selected player. The latest update fixes some issues on PC and PS4, but also adds new features for the iOS version of the game.

As well as this change, the patch nerfs guided missiles, making them slower to turn by 75% and slowing their overall speed by 15%. It seems that Epic Games have just chose to close things up in order to find a quick solution.

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