Donald Trump defends 'mission accomplished' tweet amid backlash over Syrian airstrikes

Donald Trump defends 'mission accomplished' tweet amid backlash over Syrian airstrikes

His use of "mission accomplished" to describe a military activity in the Middle East reminded people of former President George W. Bush.

President Trump defended his use of "Mission Accomplished" following the airstrikes on Syria, saying the military term should be "brought back".

Syria media reported that several of these strikes were intercepted, but Pentagon spokesperson Dana White dismissed these claims.

President Trump, who has publicly telegraphed his thinking on Syria on Twitter in recent days, took to the platform to take a victory lap after the bombing.

A chorus of voices across the American political spectrum expressed support for Trump's latest strikes, but criticized the lack of a broader U.S. Syria strategy that could end the seven-year war - with or without Assad.

And, is not Trump the one who blasted the likes of President Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton for telegraphing the usa' movements?

US, Britain and France launch 'precision airstrikes' on Syria
While some Syrians are in favour of airstrikes, others say foreign aggression isn't the answer. The facilities hit had however reportedly been evacuated in recent days.

Britain and France joined the U.S. in launching airstrikes against Syrian government facilities, meant to show president Bashar al Assad that he will not be able to chemical weapons without consequences. On Could 1, 2003, six weeks after the invasion of Iraq, Bush stood on the deck of the united statesAbraham Lincoln, underneath an enormous banner studying "Mission Completed" and declared "main fight operations in Iraq have ended".

Donald Trump claimed the limited airstrikes were "perfectly executed" and that he "could not have had a better result".

The phrase became famous after Bush gave a speech in May 2003 on board an aircraft carrier with a banner in the backdrop that read "mission accomplished".

Assad denies he has used chemical weapons, and the Trump administration has yet to present hard evidence of what it says precipitated the allied missiles attack: a chlorine gas attack on civilians in Douma on April 7. And now you know the full story, ' he said. On Saturday morning the Pentagon said that the coalition had launched more than 100 missiles at three targets and that the "heart" of under Syrian President Bashar al-Assad's regime's chemical weapons operation had been taken out before any Syrian missiles had been fired.

"The strikes may convince (Russian President Vladimir) Putin to stop further use (of chemical weapons) by Assad as it remains clear we are pulling out of Syria".

In light of the phrase's history and the current state of things, was Trump's use of "Mission Accomplished" appropriate?

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