Cambridge Analytica CEO Steps Down Amid Facebook Data Misuse Scandal

Cambridge Analytica CEO Steps Down Amid Facebook Data Misuse Scandal

On the question from Jan Schakowsky, a Democrat from IL, about how many companies did Kogan sell the data from Facebook to, Zuckerberg said that there are a handful of companies who got the user data harvested by Cambridge Analytica and he will follow up.

Speaking in the wake of a scandal over the massive leak of data to a British political consultant, Zuckerberg reiterated that the company had shut down the pipeline that allowed such data, including his own, to slip into the hands of third parties.

Zuckerberg has been in Washington, D.C., this week to take responsibility for the company's handling of private user data. The GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) requires us to do a few more things, and we're going to extend that to the world, he told lawmakers. Will you commit to changing all the user default settings to minimize to the greatest extent possible the collection and use of users' data?

"Would you be comfortable sharing with us the name of the hotel you stayed in last night?" said Sen.

Cambridge Analytica suspended its previous CEO, Alexander Nix, one day after he alluded to tactics of the firm that may have violated US campaign finance laws in a hidden-camera expose by Britain's Channel 4.

In an effort to come across as more personable, Zuckerberg admitted that he was one of the 87 million users whose data had been compromised by Cambridge Analytica, though he declined to provide further details.

"Every time there is a control right there", Zuckerberg said.

British financial regulator urges EU Brexit coordination
The UK may also be disappointed in its hope to roll forward on current terms for existing trade agreements with third countries.

"We are not unsafe", Diamond and Silk said on Fox News' "Fox & Friends," following Zuckerberg's testimony before Congress on Tuesday.

Wearing a dark suit, instead of his trademark t-shirt and jeans, the tech entrepreneur said his personal data was also handed over to Cambridge Analytica.

"You want to present people with the information about what they might be doing and give them the relevant controls in line, at the time that they're making those decisions, not just have it be in the background sometime, or make a one-time decision", he said.

On being asked whether Facebook plans to sue Alexander Kogan, Cambridge University, or Cambridge Analytica.

Facebook is "a marvelous innovation, it's an incredible company, but it's grown to the point where people have a lot of questions, " said Republican Rep. Greg Walden, Ore., the chairman of the committee, during a recent interview. One of the Senators asked Facebook CEO whether the algorithm was bias.

During the grilling session, a Senator asked Zuckerberg who owned an individual's presence online? The company sent a letter to Cambridge Analytica, asking them to delete any data they obtained Global Science Research. He clarified that the company wasn't tracking user data.

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