Blocking of Telegram messenger service in Russian Federation to take several hours

Blocking of Telegram messenger service in Russian Federation to take several hours

Roskomnadzor was implementing a decision handed down on Friday by a Russian court, which ruled that Telegram should be blocked because it was in violation of Russian regulations.

The April 13 court decision followed a months-long standoff between Telegram and the Federal Security Service (FSB), which demanded access to its users' messages.

Durov was a pioneer of social media in Russian Federation but left the country in 2014.

He also said that the agency would soon address the App Store and Google Play with official demands to make the downloading of Telegram's applications impossible in Russian Federation.

Telegram has around 200 million users across the globe, of which about 9.5 million reside in Russian Federation. This comes after the messaging company refused to give Russian security services encryption keys.

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Telegram's founder and CEO, Pavel Durov, said the ban would damage the quality of lives of 15 million Russians and do nothing to improve Russia's security.

Telegram is popular among blockchain and cryptocurrency advocates.

It has been called the "app of choice for many Isis, pro-Isis and other jihadi and terrorist elements" by Washington-based Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which tracks terrorists' online communications, due to the strong level of encryption it deploys.

Durov said last week that Telegram had "built-in" features so people could continue using the service during the government's ban. According to the reports, providers have started blocking the official website of the encrypted messaging app from operating what it knows how to do best. So popular is the app in Russian Federation that some highly placed government officials including the press officer to President Vladimir V. Putin is reported to be among its users.

Macron, an economy minister in the previous Socialist administration, wanted at the time to use an encrypted messaging service that even his rivals in the last government could not crack, a close adviser to Macron told Reuters.

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