US Republican Senator Paul opposes Pompeo, Haspel nominations

US Republican Senator Paul opposes Pompeo, Haspel nominations

"I will now return to private life, private citizen, a proud American, proud of the opportunity I've had to serve my country", he said.

After the 9/11 attacks, Gina Haspel ran a Central Intelligence Agency site where high-ranking al-Qaeda terrorists were interrogated.

In 2015, Pompeo voted against a deal that the Obama administration negotiated to remove some worldwide economic sanctions on Iran.

"The (deal) can perhaps delay Iran's nuclear weapons program for a few years", he wrote at the time. The statement came from an undersecretary, and it was clear those were Tillerson's words. The firing of Tillerson was hardly a surprise, and many people have been expecting it ever since it was reported in October that Tillerson had called Trump a "moron" in a meeting with other administration officials (which Tillerson then refused to deny).

Tillerson's ouster capped a year of humiliating treatment from Trump. After he was sacked by President Donald Trump, Tillerson also said United States efforts to pressure North Korea had worked better than expected and revealed he would pass authority to his deputy at midnight. "My opposition to her is over her direct participation in interrogation and her gleeful enjoyment at the suffering of someone who was being tortured", Paul told a news conference.

Tillerson's departure adds to a period of intense turnover within Trump's administration that has alarmed those both in and out of the White House. Doing so would buy USA negotiators time to deal with elements of the agreement Mr. Trump has disparaged - such as its expiration dates on key nuclear constraints - and missile and terrorism concerns.

Now, secretary of State is no small potatoes.

Tillerson has been strongly critical of Iran, condemning its regional aggression and its meddling in the Syrian civil war.

He reportedly shows little interest in reading briefing documents, spends much of his time on the golf course or watching cable television - all the while disagreeing with the Washington establishment on just about everything.

Tillerson, a former global business executive, was also more sensitive to the opinion of European allies than his boss.

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Denis Chaibi, head of the Iranian taskforce at the EU's external action service, has said that if the United States withdraws from a nuclear deal with Iran, the European Union may reinstate former regulations to protect its companies that are trading with Iran.

But Trump resented being pressured. EU governments argued that sanctions benefited US foreign policy interests at the expense of European sovereignty. The State Department declined to comment on the record, but a senior State official who shared the guidance email with CNN said it instructed them to "freeze further amplification of content that features (Secretary Tillerson)" until Tillerson himself delivered remarks later in the day. Because Iran and the Europeans refuse to renegotiate the nuclear deal, USA officials are seeking to create a supplemental agreement with Europe to address these matters.

"The more time goes by, the more doubt is raised about the actions taken by Saudi Arabia and the UAE", Heather Nauert, the State Department spokeswoman, said at the time.

As a congressman, Pompeo opposed the Obama-era Iran agreement as "unconscionable", and he said after Trump's election that he was looking forward to "rolling it back". A month later, Washington's special envoy for the DPRK retired, after Trump outright rejected talks with Pyongyang without pre-conditions.

Congressional aides who've worked with him say that Pompeo is a smart guy, level-headed and reasonable. And at every meeting I have had throughout the year, this has been on the agenda to discuss.

This could unleash a unsafe chain of events in the volatile Middle East.

Pompeo, by contrast, is in lockstep with Trump in sending Kim a clear message that, should diplomacy fail, the US will not hesitate to act.

While he espoused unconventional views on the organization of the State Department - and made sweeping reform of the bureaucracy his top concern - Tillerson proved to be cut from the same cloth of the national security conservatives who have dominated the GOP for decades. They feared that lifting sanctions on Iran would merely give Tehran more resources to foment strife in the Arab world.

"Getting a deal half as restrictive as the Iran deal is going to be very hard", Mathews said.

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