Trump advocates death penalty for drug dealers in US

Trump advocates death penalty for drug dealers in US

"It's an A-plus candidate, honestly, in Conor Lamb, versus an F candidate in Saccone and the campaign that has been run".

Democrat Conor Lamb and Republican Rick Saccone are vying to fill the vacancy left by Tim Murphy, who resigned in October following the public disclosure of an extramarital affair.

President Donald Trump was in Pennsylvania last night to hold a rally for Republican state lawmaker Rick Saccone, who is facing a tough special election on Tuesday.

All this effort comes as the candidates battle for a district that nearly certainly won't exist after this year.

Democrats and Republicans involved in the race agree on a few things. Trump added: "Rick will help me a lot. Lamb will always vote for Pelosi and Dems.Will raise taxes, weak on Crime and Border". "Loves 2nd A & VETS".

"Here's the problem: As soon as he gets in, he's not going to vote for us", Trump also said of Lamb. To back that up, Lamb opposes sweeping gun restrictions, endorses Trump's new steel tariffs, avoids attacking the president, and tells voters he wouldn't back Democratic leader Nancy Pelosi of California for speaker if Democrats won a House majority.

But Republicans reject the idea that this race is somehow indicative of broader political trends. As Democrats' hopes build, Republicans have been increasingly vocal about their frustrations with Saccone, a deeply flawed candidate who has paled in comparison to Lamb both in retail political skill and fundraising ability.

"Lamb is a candidate who has a background, really, out of central casting - military service, prosecutor, young, energetic", said Mike DeVanney, a GOP consultant based in Pittsburgh.

"The people of Pittsburgh can not be conned by this guy Lamb", Trump said, dismissing Lamb's efforts to run as a moderate Democrat.

So Saccone and Republican forces have answered with their national arguments.

Cumhuriyet journalists released with restrictive terms
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"The president comes in for his second visit, the vice president has been here, Ivanka's been here, cabinet secretaries have been here, 10 kitchen sinks has been thrown here, $15 million has been spent here, and that Marine (Lamb) is still standing", Democratic Rep. Mike Doyle told Politico. "I know her weakness", he said.

The other major factor in this race is the role of labor unions.

Trump also praised the economy, citing the Friday jobs report as evidence of the success of the Republican tax plan. In the last election, the local AFL-CIO endorsed him for re-election.

But Lamb is apparently having enough success to worry Saccone's most high-profile backer.

The local AFL-CIO is calling members and going door-to-door to ensure they vote for Lamb on Tuesday.

He continued: "I think it's a discussion we have to start thinking about". An upset would embolden them as they look to win in places where the party has lost ground in recent decades, and it would spook Republicans about their prospects in this tempestuous era of Trump. In one of his campaign ads, he aims an AR-15.

"[South Korean President Moon Jae-in] said without Donald Trump, the Olympics would have been a failure", Trump said. He said the tariff might have had more of an impact if the announcement had come earlier, and workers could feel some of the benefits. "Trump's popular in this district". There are also doubts about how far Trump's policies will go toward resuscitating the battered American steel industry. In some ways, Lamb is trying to run independent of the president, rather than as a referendum on him, and it seems to be resonating. I offered a deal that was so good you can't refuse, right?

Trump says that, for the first two hours, his coverage was "unbelievable".

"He said 'We have a zero tolerance policy".

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