Supreme Court to deliver judgment in unborn case at new Limerick Courthouse

Supreme Court to deliver judgment in unborn case at new Limerick Courthouse

IRELAND'S Supreme Court has unanimously ruled that protections for the unborn child offered under the state's constitution do not extend beyond the right to life in the Eighth Amendment.

"The Court has made it clear that unborn babies, up to birth, would have no constitutional protection against the legislation that the Government intends to introduce".

"I would appeal to all political parties and groupings in the Dail to facilitate the passage of this referendum bill so the people of Ireland can finally have their say on this important, sensitive and substantive matter", Mr Harris said.

They argued the right to life was protected in the Constitution before 1983 and that people who voted for the Eighth Amendment did not vote to exclude the unborn from all other constitutional protections.

"It is up to Government to officially set a date for the referendum on the Eighth Amendment and we look forward to having confirmation on that date in the very near future".

However, the court upheld the High Court's declaration that the Justice Minister is obliged to consider the fact of pregnancy of the partner of a proposed deportee as a relevant factor in any decision to revoke a deportation order, and is obliged to give separate consideration to the likely birth in Ireland of a child of the potential deportee. Pro-abortion government leaders said they would like to legalize abortion for any reason up to 12 weeks and later in limited circumstances.

The following year, legislation was passed to legalise abortion when doctors deem that a woman's life is at risk due to medical complications, or at risk of taking her life.

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Green Party Leader Eamon Ryan TD said ...

"For us as a society to now declare that any category of human being should have that right taken from them would be a shocking step".

But he said it had been possible to reach a consensus on the issue and the decision of the seven-judge court was unanimous.

The subject of abortion is a particularly emotive one in Ireland, where nearly 80% of residents identified themselves as Catholic in the 2016 Census. This judgment will allow us to move forward to a May referendum on the Eighth Amendment. "If the case is delayed further then we have a problem".

The timescale is tight if the government still wants to hold a referendum in May as the cabinet will meet tomorrow to discuss the issue.

The Irish cabinet is expected to set a date for the referendum on the repeal of the Eight Amendment of the Irish Constitution this week, although the government has indicated the vote will take place in late May. In the face of a range of possible views about the unborn's legal position, it said the objective of Article 40.3.3. was "to remove uncertainty".

"The judgement paves the way for a referendum on the Eighth Amendment and will hopefully allow the Government to bring the referendum bill to the Dail this week".

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