Stephen Hawking Said Vedas Theory Superior to Einstein's Equation, Claims Harsh Vardhan

Stephen Hawking Said Vedas Theory Superior to Einstein's Equation, Claims Harsh Vardhan

"You also work a bit on this (to find this source)".

"Stephen was an incredible scientist who has changed the way we think about the universe", Laflamme said. He said he was overwhelmed by Stephens's life, his achievements amidst a debilitating sickness whose terror was terrifying enough to cause one's death and yet Stephen conquered it and marched on triumphantly to record outstanding success in his life. Harsh Vardhan also said that he'll provide the proofs if reporters failed to find the proof themselves. "So what I proposed was a modification from the Einstein theory to a Vedic theory", he said.

Shocked by such odd statement, reporters requested for the source of information but Harsh Vardhan asked them to do their own research, failing which, they can approach him in Delhi for further answers and clarifications. "I thought he (Hawking) needs to be remembered (on the occasion)", the minister said.

Vardhan also defended his statement on Twitter.

Vardhan stated that the acclaimed cosmetologist has once said that Vedas have a theory that is superior to Albert Einstein's e=mc^2 theory of relativity.

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"#ISC2018- Each and every custom and ritual of Hinduism is steeped in science; every modern Indian achievement is continuation of our ancient scientific achievement". A search on "Stephen Hawking + Vedas" can lead to a webpage of a registered charitable trust - Institute of Scientific Research on the Vedas (I-SERVE) - which makes such a claim. This was expressed by the equation E=mc2 (energy = mass times the speed of light squared).

And another wrote: "Pretty sure Neymar is in no condition to compare physical Stephen Hawking".

After the show's hosts threw to the tribute, instead of some quotes from Hawking backed by peaceful music, the audio that played instead was that of Meghan Trainor's 2014 hit "All About That Bass".

He said that he is "not contradicting" the minister.

The Indian Science Congress is an annual science carnival, which is attended by students, academicians and top scientists from India and the world over.

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