Preservation Of US Japanese Internment Sites In Peril?

Preservation Of US Japanese Internment Sites In Peril?

"What you thought was a clever response to Rep. Hanabusa was flippant and juvenile", said Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono of Hawaii, sharing a video of the exchange on Twitter. She said her grandfathers did not speak about their experiences until late in their life. Zinke drew widespread criticism for saying "Konnichiwa" in response to an inquiry from a Congresswoman whose Japanese-American grandparents were imprisoned during WWII.

"I think it's still 'Ohayo gozaimasu, ' but that's okay", said Hanabusa, using the Japanese phrase meaning "good morning", clearly unamused.

United States Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke recently had a cringe-worthy moment when he tried, and failed miserably, to pander to Hawaii representative Colleen Hanabusa. "This blatantly insensitive remark by secretary zinke is uncalled for and is not behavior that a cabinet secretary should exhibit".

A message seeking comment from the Interior Department was not immediately returned.

Hanabusa gave an in-depth history of several family members being placed in Japanese internment camps during World War I. She spoke about how her grandfather did not tell her about it until he was "80 something years old".

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Multiple legislators and Asian-American civil rights groups have criticized his ill-timed greeting, which he offered at a Thursday congressional hearing after Hanabusa said that her grandfathers were among those imprisoned by the US government during World War II. "That someone who is a fourth-generation American can still be seen as a foreigner, and that's the same racism that lead to the incarceration of Japanese-Americans".

After seeing Zinke's flippancy over what was done to thousands to Americans during a dark time in USA history, civil rights groups agree that it's all the more necessary to support the grant program.

President Donald Trump's budget does not include the funding.

"I understand the importance of it to American history", he said.

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