Google Will Ban All Cryptocurrency-Related Advertising

Google Will Ban All Cryptocurrency-Related Advertising

In it, the company says it has updated its policies to "tackle emerging threats", and classifies cryptocurrencies under "unregulated or speculative financial products".

Recently there were Google's plans to bar crypto-related ads, but the search giant had no special policy of any kind regarding cryptocurrencies and ICOs. The ban not only covers currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, but also related products such as initial coin offerings, cryptocurreny exchanges and digital wallets.

Around this time a year ago, Google announced new brand safety controls for video and display ads, creating policies that prohibited the monetization of inappropriate and controversial content.

The company also pulled 79 million ads for malware websites, suspended 7,000 customer accounts with ads for phony news and blocked more than 12,000 sites for copying information from other publications.

The $809 Bn company (Alphabet) has brought a new restricted financial products policy that will go into effect from June 2018 onwards.

The market for cryptocurrencies has been fraught with wild speculation about the value of such products, most notably, bitcoin, which reached nearly $20,000 in December 2017, fell below $6,000 in February, and is now ranging between $10,000 and nearly $12,000.

On January 31, Facebook said it would ban advertisements promoting initial coin offerings (ICOs) and cryptocurrency like Bitcoin on Facebook and its photo-sharing app Instagram. Now it has got about updating Google's policy which will ban risky financial products.

IIP quickens to 7.5%, inflation softens
The general index for the month of January 2018 stood at 132.3, thus registering a 7.5 percent growth as compared to January 2017. The mining sector, however, registered negligible growth of 0.1 per cent, as compared to 8.6 per cent rise in January past year .

Online ads enable all sorts of free services online, including search and social networks and the article you're reading now, but Google is working harder than ever to keep the bad ones at bay.

According to Google, it added 28 new advertiser policies and 20 new publisher policies in 2017 to combat new threats and improve the advertising experience online.

In the name of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, many Ponzi schemes have been running their ads on Google, Facebook and other platforms.

Google said it removed more than 3.2bn ads that violated its policies in 2017, blocking what it described as the "majority of bad ad experiences", including malvertising and phishing scams.

Google introduced new technology previous year that allows it remove Google ads from pages rather than a whole site, a move that has seen it penalise more than 2 million web URLs every month. The policy will be implemented by June this year.

"That's more than 100 bad ads per second!" writes Google's director of sustainable ads, Scott Spencer.

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