GC students advocate for gun reform

GC students advocate for gun reform

Eldorado joined other Albuquerque Public Schools and those across the country protesting gun violence and advocating for school safety.

"I'm walking out for the national walk out", he said he told his teacher.

And for those students who wanted to stay involved, senior Caitlin Murray said at the close of the 17 minutes she's organizing a March for our Lives event on March 24, 11 a.m. -1 p.m.at Cody City Park. They walked for 17 minutes total, one minute for each of the 17 students killed in Florida one month ago.

He didn't - and said someone from the school even congratulated him. Almost 100 students and faculty could be seen near the structure Wednesday, with some holding posters with pictures and names of the 17 Parkland shooting victims.

"The power of prayer can work miracles", said Gina Wright.

She also urged students to be peaceful and quiet if they participated so as to not disrupt the rest of the school.

Maddox, who shared notes from recent meetings with student advisory members and the student council, said in an email, "The students stated that they were not fearful of their safety but would like us to consider a few things". Eventually President Dwight Eisenhower seized control of the Arkansas National Guard, and deployed federal troops to ensure the students could enter the school. "I think the message should be: We don't want to take away guns; we want to take guns away from insane people". "They took it seriously". "People have their opinions on gun safety and gun control, and they're afraid to say them".

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The district has promoted the "positive" demonstration planned at Patrick Henry High School in San Carlos, which will include a moment of silence, speeches from student leaders and a reading of a poem penned by one of the Parkland shooting victims.

Some students took a different approach as many schools made a decision to use the demonstration as a teachable moment. The students there simply memorialized the victims by tying 17 balloons to a flag pole and giving speeches during the 17-minute span. You might see them at practice after school, but today definitely calls them to kind of really take notice of who's on their left and who's on their right, and that this is their family.

Genevieve Baldwin, 14, of Arlington High School said, "You have to make a choice depending on where the intruder is to bar yourself in a classroom or run out of the building". "I told the students over the PA system after the protest that if they don't do anything after those 17 minutes they aren't making an impact".

Nor can they take away students' rights to be heard.

While many school districts gave their blessings to the walkouts, others said anyone who participated would be disciplined.

"Of all groups in American politics, this is the group that is most likely not to participate, and they are participating", Taylor said.

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