GameMaker Studio 2 adds Nintendo Switch support

GameMaker Studio 2 adds Nintendo Switch support

They also have to keep old customers, which certainly hasn't been a problem for them so far, but there may come a time when Switch owners start to miss the perks of Nintendo consoles past.

The new update adds total 24 new Arms and Kirby player icons. Though there is no way the mini-console could play full retail games, it could maybe hold some smaller-sized indie titles for a short time.

You can now add specific software titles to a whitelist in the parental controls. Entering the PIN has also been changed so that it doesn't use the screen number pad but instead uses the control stick and buttons.

Another improvement that Nintendo included in version 5.0.0 has to do with downloaded games. But one of the interesting parts of the update is the ability to automatically start downloading a game on the Nintendo Switch even if a game is bought via a PC or smartphone. Nintendo has been hugely supportive of bringing independent releases to the Nintendo Switch console, and this partnership will mean even more wonderful games are released on the platform.

Still in alliance with BJP, but will fight for Andhra's rights: TDP
But the TDP has not completely shut the door on a possible rapprochement and still remains a member of the NDA. Ramesh is now a member of the Upper House representing neighbouring Telangana since the state bifurcation.

Finally, Nintendo has made some changes to the parental control system.

In order to download the new Firmware Update for your respective Nintendo Switch console, all you have to do is just go to the System Settings option and scroll down until you see System and then select System Update option. Before installing, they are advised to save any game progress.

It doesn't take long to install, however, so you might want to complete it before you do anything else.

Nintendo Switch has continue d to evolve with the system software updates it gets occasionally.

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