France to Take Legal Action Against US Tech Giants

France to Take Legal Action Against US Tech Giants

"I consider that Google and Apple, as powerful as they are, shouldn't treat our start-ups and our developers in the way they do today", said Le Maire, calling the situation "unacceptable".

According to le Maire, Apple and Google should not take advantage of French startups the way they are doing right now. the legal action is said to take place in the Paris commercial court. He said start-ups face conditions imposed on them when selling their apps on Google and Apple which "also gather data" and "both can unilaterally modify contracts". Finance ministry fraud office's investigation showed that there were significant imbalances between Google, Apple and French developers who sold their apps via App and Play Store.

France is preparing to slap American tech giants Apple and Google with hefty fines as a result of "abusive business practices" according to reports.

European officials are likely to bring new laws into place that'll effectively ban hefty tax breaks for companies such as Apple, Google, Facebook and Amazon, added Le Maire.

Spokespeople for Apple France and Google France did not immediately respond to requests for comment.

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In January, the DGCCRF launched a probe against Apple over whether it deliberately phased out older iPhones to force customers to upgrade to a newer model. Le Parisien reported last December that the Finance Ministry is seeking to fine Amazon 10 million euros.

This isn't the first time that Apple has clashed with European governments or been accused of abusing its dominant market position.

France seems to have a complicated relationship with tech companies.

France was already pursuing Apple, Google and other United States technology giants over the legal strategies that let them route their income from across the European Union through low-tax nations.

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