Amazon has added a new mode called follow-up for Alexa

Amazon has added a new mode called follow-up for Alexa

This isn't enabling compound requests, so you won't be able to ask Alexa to set your nightly alarm and lock your front door all in one request, but you'll at least be able to cut down slightly on the time and number of words necessary for those multiple actions. You ask Siri, Google or Alexa to hook it up with the facts, they provide an answer, but then you have a follow-up question.

Launched in 2014 by Amazon, the Alexa digital assistant has spread from the company's Echo voice-commanded speakers to millions of devices, even cars. There are certain twists here that Amazon might need ironing out.

First of all, Alexa is now able to understand and perform successive tasks without the user having to repeat the trigger word.

Available only in the U.S., the new feature is called "Follow-Up Mode", and when it's turned on, you can make more requests without having to repeat the "Alexa" wake word.

Not anymore. Follow-Up Mode changes all that. "We are changing that phrase to be 'Alexa, can you laugh?' which is less likely to have false positives, and we are disabling the short utterance 'Alexa, laugh.'" In addition to this, Amazon also adds, "We are also changing Alexa's response from simply laughter to 'Sure, I can laugh" followed by laughter".

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Scroll down to the Follow-Up Mode toggle and turn it on. The blue light will go out as usual to show that Alexa is no longer listening. Will you be activating this setting on your Echo device (s)? For now, follow-up is only offered in English and only works when Alexa isn't doing a continuous command, such as reading an audiobook or making a call.

It'll be interesting to see how well this works.

AMAZON'S Alexa has promised to fix a bug which is causing the personal assistant device to make "evil" laughing noises.

The feature is available on all hands-free Alexa-enabled devices.

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