WWE Elimination Chamber lineup: Official ruling on the Raw main event fallout

WWE Elimination Chamber lineup: Official ruling on the Raw main event fallout

The venue is an interesting landing spot for Rousey considering that's where she made her last appearance in the UFC back in December 2016 when she fell to current women's bantamweight champion Amanda Nunes by first round TKO.

The Miz, wanting to defeat Cena for good, attempted a top-rope Skull Crushing Finale before Cena reversed it and delivered a Super Attitude Adjustment for the victory. Focusing their offense on the leg of Luke Gallows, Dash Wilder and Dawson continued to outfox their opponents throughout the bout. Dawson pinned Anderson after a Shatter Machine. After that, he - in character - called out fans for cheering Jordan's injury.

Raw General Manager Kurt Angle opened up a can of beans by announcing the first-ever 7-man Elimination Chamber after both Finn Bálor and Seth Rollins simultaneously pinned Bray Wyatt in the Fatal Five battle.

The stakes of the match couldn't have been higher Miz.

WEEI Suspends Christian Fauria for Using Stereotyped Asian Accent
This was the second recent time WEEI came under fire for a host's comments about Tom Brady, or someone associated with him. Station managers suspended Christian Fauria on Friday for five days after what he called a "horrible attempt at humor".

The UFC legend made a stunning wrestling debut at January's Royal Rumble event. Wow, giving away this match for free on Raw, the company is clearly pushing the women's division hard at the moment and once again, these two women stole the show with the best match on the card last night. Bayley was full of heart, Banks was clever and the match was simply electric.

Let's start with that rivalry - Sasha Banks will face Bayley in a singles match tonight.

The foundations for Ronda Rousey's first storyline in WWE may be laid after she exchanged words with Nia Jax on social media. With that in mind, Bliss is determined to increase her chances of success by forging an alliance, potentially with an old foe and friend, Mickie James. Bliss and James were a capable team through their temporary alliance, but it was Absolution leader Paige who turned out to be the deciding factor in this match, creating a distraction that allowed Sonya to remove Bliss from the match as Rose got the deciding pin on James.

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